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We provide help and information relating to funeral planning and pre-paid funerals.  It is a really confusing market, and many people don’t realise that the plan they are being sold is either not what they expect, or is hundreds of pounds more than another which may actually be more suitable.

So if you are going to invest in a funeral plan, our advice can help you get the best possible value, and we don’t add any extra costs.  Just to be clear, we make no charge to our clients, but we do hope you will consider our other services when the time is right.

Paying for a funeral, often unexpectedly, is an large financial burden for many families, especially in tough economic times. It can be a big shock to discover that your first “inheritance” is a demand for immediate payment of several thousand pounds!

By taking out a pre-paid funeral now, you can ensure that your family and loved ones will not have to worry about the main funeral expenses. For many families a funeral can mean having to find money to pay for something that they cannot afford, and that means debt or huge embarrasment.

Why not remove this worry?

By transfering some of saving into a pre-paid funeral plan now, leaving your loved ones free from worry over funeral bill?  If you don’t have any savings, there are a few good monthly payment plans. (WARNING many insurance type plans will not cover a funeral – click the link if you are tempted by them!)

There are many options when it comes to pre-paid funeral planning, to suit all budgets. Below are some of the benefits of taking out a funeral plan..

  • You can choose what arrangement you want to make – giving peace of mind.
  • Choose from a selection of different pre-paid funeral options.
  • Pay today’s price, not the prices when you pass away.
  • Payments are held in special secure funds by the companies we recommend, so your money is safe.
  • A local funeral director will be appointed – but because you have not bought from them, the plan can be moved to a new firm if you move or the funeral director goes out of business.
  • No health examinations are undertaken.
  • A choice of payments, in one go, or spread over a period.

Which Funeral Plan is Best for YOU?